The Buddy Story

"Several years back, I was flying back and forth to DC for band practice. Normally I’d buy a throwaway piece or borrow something from a friend after I landed, usually my drummer.
Smoking was usually done on the go, in alleys and whatnot, which meant glass and porcelain pieces always ended in tragedy.
The ubiquitous fake cigarette ("shitty ciggy," as I like to call it) wasn't fooling anyone. Besides, there were faults in the design, holding too little product and clogging almost instantly. 
While vapes were becoming ubiquitous, I became increasingly frustrated that the options for smoking on the go hadn't changed much since I was a college kid poking around my first head shop.Then my drummer died and my entire world came crashing down. He was my best friend. Once I finally stopped reeling, I channeled my grief into making BUDDY into a reality. 
I wanted to actively dispel any stigma or shame associated with the actual ritual of smoking, and impart a sense of pride onto the user instead. My vision was pretty clear - I wanted something functional and affordable with an androgynous design aesthetic that wouldn’t break if dropped on the sidewalk. Something tough, but lovely. Something worthy of those legendary nights making mischief with the ones you love. Voila. Buddy was born." 
Sara Hussain, Founder of BUDDY. 
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 photo by Rhonda Green
More about our Founder: A former lawyer, Sara worked for the ACLU and spent yearsin DC playing with her rock band and recorded an album with a Grammy-nominated producer. She shifted to branding and communications upon her return to the Midwest. After a decade of helping build other brands, she assembled a talented team of fellow creatives to bring her own vision to life.