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The Buddy Story

While touring with her D.C.-based band, Nihilitia, Sara grew tired and frustrated of the on-the-go smoking options that hadn’t changed much since she was a college kid, poking around her first head shop. 

  • Glass and porcelain pieces always ended in tragedy.
  • Ubiquitous fake cigarettes ("shitty ciggies”) weren’t fooling anyone.
  • Flaws in the design were rampant: holding too little product and clogging almost instantly

After the major loss of a friend, followed by a series of escalating dares with herself, Sara Hussain created her first product, BUDDY. 

Our mission at BUDDY is simple: to actively dispel any stigma or shame associated with smoking, and impart a sense of self-satisfaction onto the user instead.

 photo by Rhonda Green
More about our founder: Former DC lawyer, musician, and consultant, Sara Hussain got tired of waiting for somebody to make the product she always wanted, so she set out to make it herself. 
You deserve better. We all do. Sara's goal in creating Buddy is to reach everyone who has one of those horrible metal cigarettes and get them to throw it in the trash.