What is it?

BUDDY is a one-hitter pipe. 

For fans of loose leaf, one-hitters have long been a classic smoking accessory because of their ease of use, reliability, and portability. We gave it an update to reflect the preferences of a modern consumer.

What are the benefits? 

Unlike vape technology, there are no cartridges to replace or batteries to charge, and using BUDDY produces zero ecological waste. Personalize your pipe for a one-of-a-kind keepsake that can be reused over and over again. 

How do I use it?

BUDDY is designed for use with loose leaf tobacco only. Pack the bowl firmly, but not too tight. Light with fire, and enjoy. 

How do I clean it?

We recommend giving your BUDDY a gentle tap after each session. When your BUDDY gets cruddy, give it a soak with rubbing alcohol and salt. To keep the mouthpiece fresh, separate the two pieces before cleaning. If needed, gently swab with a pipe cleaner. 

Who did your photography?

Jeremy Kramer. We are big fans. Check out more of his work at:  Jeremykramerphoto.com 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yep. Write us at : hello@coolbuddyparty.com

Do you do sponsorships or collabs? 

Sure do. Let's tawk : hello@coolbuddyparty.com